28 is when girls lower their standards


I was telling my boyfriend that when girls hit 28, they suddenly realize that they are two years from being 30 and they are still unmarried and childless, so they lower their standards to reach that goal.  His sister was telling him that she knows this chick who is intelligent, beautiful, accomplished, and yet, she was pining away for this guy who didn’t really want to be with her who didn’t quite have his life figured out.  I asked, “is she 28?” He texted her that question and she texted back yes.  Of course, she’s 28, because that’s when girls realize their options are running out.

Go to the bar and just ask random girls their ages. If they’re 28, you’ve got a way better shot with them.  Here’s the part I get all touch-feely: girls feel the pressure of society to be married and have kids to be successful, thus they greatly feel the age limit of 35 child-bearing years pushing down on them.  Because of this, they sometimes aggressively push for it at the magically designated age of 28.  My boyfriend was like, ‘does that apply to you because you’re Asian?’  I told him no, because we get married at 15, so I’m way overdue anyways.  And I just want to say for the record, settling is not that bad.  Oftentimes, girls get this idea into their head that they are going to meet this perfect guy who intuitively understands them, and that isn’t the case.

Girls think that guys think the same as them, so when they are offended a potential suitor did something, they think it was done on purpose, so they cut them off immediately.  Don’t be so quick to judge guys because they do not think the same as women.  You should always have standards on which to judge a potential mate, but also know that they can be flexible.  In the first stages of dating, a girl wants a man who shows just the right amount of attention: not too much and not too little, so they know they are liked, but not too much so that there is still chase.  A lot of guys don’t realize this, and the ones that do know how to play the game play it much better than most girls do.

You spent your whole life wondering if he really likes you when you should ask if you really like yourself.  If you like yourself, the right one will eventually come around, just give him a chance.

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