How to find yourself


It’s going to be a long journey and what you have to realize is that the most important thing in your life is not finding your soulmate, but yourself.  You can marry the best person in the world, but if you don’t know who you are, the relationship could be in danger or you may fall apart if it doesn’t work out.  It will take you years to find who you are, so it’s okay if you don’t know who you are now.  How do you know when you have found yourself? When you really like and appreciate yourself and are able to value your own voice is when you’ve found yourself.  Find what you like and don’t like in people and cultivate the likes within yourself.  Stand up for what you believe and know you are worthy of people who can appreciate you.

Read a lot of books.  Go on solo trips.  Listen to music.  Keep a journal.  Love.  Lose love.  Never stop learning.  Find out what makes you unique and take pride in that for no one is quite like you.  If you are unsure of where you are currently and where you should go, realize that no one is ever sure of these things, but take the time to value what you do like and find out what you want out of life.  While you’re busy going through jobs and partners, don’t forget to find yourself in the process because that is the most important relationship you’ll ever forge.  When you are your truest self, know that others will be attracted to this and see how confident you can be.  Learn to be your own best friend.  Pick yourself up when you are down.  Say nice things to yourself when you need to hear it.  Forgive yourself for things you’ve done.  Let go of the past.  Finding yourself means you are becoming the person you were meant to be.

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