Becoming a Visionary


Who can be innovative and creative so that it results in a new way of thinking? I believe visionaries see things just slightly differently than everyone else, but this small amount allows them to see beyond what most people will ever see in their lives.  When your vision of the world is slightly askew, you view situations differently than others and you will have a different approach that they may have never stumbled upon.  How do you view the world differently?  You can start by not accepting everything that is given to you as fact.  Question everything around you and what you have known.  When you start to question why things are the way they are, you can start to envision ways to change it.  Become aware of human nature and what it entails, for technology changes, but human nature never does.  Visionaries know that ideas can change the world, but they must also know their audience.

Celebrate your quirks and strangeness, because that is what makes you unique. When you are proud of what makes you different, you can take responsibility for it and use it to show others a view they may not have considered before.  Visionaries are not profoundly different, they just happen to see a certain situation differently, and that can be attainable if you keep your mind open and question what you do know.  I believe people  like Steve Jobs and Howard Hughes were innovators not based on their intellect alone, but also the ability to question and see things differently.  Of course these two individuals are highly intelligent, but that is not enough to become a visionary.  Lastly, visionaries require a certain amount of drive because you believe so much in yourself and your ideas that you will let the world know at all costs.

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