How to Change a Man


Is your boyfriend not treating you right? Is he not living up to your standards?  Do you want him to just try more and want him to change to suit your needs?  Well, this is the article for you because I can show you that there is absolutely no way you can change him while you are with him.  That’s right, he will not change for you.  You can post as many memes as you want about him not appreciating who you until you’re gone, but I think you don’t appreciate who you are to stay with him if you are not satisfied.  Ladies, guys will not change for YOU, they only change for THEMSELVES!  You can try every which way to try to change them, but what incentive do they have to change when they already have you?  Because you threaten them that you’ll leave is not good enough because guess what, you’re still here.  Pretty soon, they see your threats as empty because you say them so often.  And another meme is born.  There’s another one.  What you need to realize is your own worth and what you’re willing to put up with.  If this is not what you want out of a mate, then find someone who does possess those qualities, because I assure you that man is out there, but the more you spout things like ‘good guys don’t exist,’ the more you buy into the idea that you deserve someone who is not worthy of you.

Here’s the mistake some women make: they don’t leave for long enough. You may leave him for a month and he may profess his desires to change, but you’ll eventually find out he didn’t really change.  If you intend for the relationship to work, you have to leave for a longer period of time,  and maybe in that time, you’ll realize what you actually want.  But you fear that he’ll change and be good for another girl, but not you.  So what?  He wasn’t what you wanted when you were with him and he only changed when you left and that isn’t what you deserved.  In the meantime, concentrate on building who you are and what you’re willing to accept from others.  You teach people how to treat you because if you constantly let someone walk all over you, you let them know that you’re willing to accept that.  Most importantly, learn how to properly treat yourself because no one else is going to value you if you don’t value yourself.  In conclusion, you do not have the power to change a  man-unless you leave him and give up all rights.  If you can accept that, you can start to change your own life instead of his.

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