Never Betray Yourself


If there is just one thing you should do in your life, it is to never betray yourself.  Learn to believe in the power of your own words and live by them.  If you ever criticize someone else for an act, do everything in your power to never do the same thing.  This has a two-fold effect, for you  don’t become a hypocrite and you are more cautious of what you say about others.  You will never live up to the standards of someone else, but you can live by your own standards and if you can, you can be proud in that fact.  You can set your standards really low and get away with everything, but eventually, you’ll find that you’ll criticize someone for doing the same thing, and betray yourself in the process.  You are free to judge others for their actions as long as you make sure you never commit the same things for as long as you live.  If you do, then you must have more compassion for the people you judge.  What this does is limit your judgement because you are also judging yourself in the process.

When you can achieve this feat, you will gain a tremendous amount of pride in who you are because you know what kind of person you are.  It will show in the way you carry yourself, the way you talk, and how you allow others to treat you and you they.  You will value yourself and your word and others around you will take you at your word.  They will recognize the confidence you have in yourself and be drawn to that without knowing why.  You will be able to influence others through your actions and words and possibly change the world.  There will always be people who will betray you, let you down, or take advantage of you, but don’t let that person be you.  Do not cheat yourself out of becoming the best version of you that you can become.  When you  have this much pride in who you are, you can look anyone in the eye and know your own worth and make them see it as well.

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