How to Make a Relationship Work


How do you make a relationship work? I have absolutely no idea. All I know is what not to do because boy do I have a lot of experience with that. I think if I had a daughter, that’s what I would tell her. You’re going to make mistakes and you’re going to fail and it’s okay. The only thing I hope for is that you find yourself in the process. Find your voice and acknowledge your desires and wants. You’re going to be an imperfect being who’s dating other imperfect beings and there will be mass chaos. Imagine a world where Love spreads like a contagion such as the Walking Dead and the only antidote is logical thinking or in this case: loping off people’s heads one at a time. I digress, but love really changes our perceptions and logic is something that can’t really affect love.

First off, try to work on yourself by accepting your past and building your self-esteem. Know what your goals in life are and gradually know what you want in a partner. Do not tie yourself to the idea that there is only one person out there for you and you have to make it work at all costs. Do not tie yourself to another person when you are both extremely young. Chances are that you’ll both be two completely different people in a few years and you may not be compatible. Discuss what you expect from each other instead of just running into the situation when it comes up. If a relationship isn’t working, communicate this and let them know the consequences. If the relationship does not progress, end it. You are only keeping the person from growing as a person when you stay with them. What are you willing to sacrifice to be with someone? Life is too short to spend on people who aren’t willing to change, and change does not come overnight. If you break up with them for one month and go back, chances are they didn’t learn their lesson and things will be exactly the same.

Support each other’s goals and have mutual goals. Take time out of the day to say that you appreciate things they do. Make sure they feel that they are a priority to you. Try new things together. Have inside jokes. Pretend. Have fun. Life can be miserable enough that you don’t need to miserable with your partner. If you are, it’s okay to part ways. If you truly do care for them, you can support their growth still by staying away. I see so many relationships that aren’t working and yet, they still stay like magically, it’ll all work out some day. In the history of the world, that’s worked out like never. And yet, we keep doing this to ourselves. And when we finally do break up, we’re bitter beings who are jaded and don’t give our all to the next relationship. You only cheat yourself when you’re jaded. If you listen to what you want out of a relationship and what your partner want, that’s a start.


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