Relationships are Organic


I hate when famous people break up and they show a clip from 2005 where the couple says they are very happy and content in their marriage.  And inevitable, the commentary goes the way of ‘perhaps she was covering something up because now they are divorced,’ not taking into consideration that the initial clip was from 10 years ago.  And those who view the relationship through their own eyes try to analyze the demise of a relationship they know little of.  Perhaps they were never happy.  Perhaps he cheated.  Perhaps people like to make up stuff to fit narratives in their heads. People refuse to see that relationships are organic and change over time.  Just because they were happy in that moment in time does not guarantee that it will stay like that forever.  People change and situations change and in turn, the dynamics of the relationship change.

People want to know what led to the break up so they can feel satisfied in knowing what happened, but they seldom care about the individuals themselves.  If we view success as never breaking up, how do we react to those who can’t leave a bad relationship?  The demise of a relationship means the relationship ended, but it doesn’t mean the person lost.  Oftentimes, we view break ups with a victor and a loser and love to assign blame, but in actuality, break ups can be one of the most healthy things to happen in a relationship.  It is nothing to be ashamed of or looked down on.  It is also none of anyone’s business what happened in that relationship except for the two who were in it.  Just like relationships are organic, so are we as human beings.  We are growing and learning all the time, and perhaps, we can learn to be a little more understanding.

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