A Special Kind of Minority: O’Reilly & Jones


There is power in being oppressed.  Power in being a victim.  Power in being the David, who slays the giant.  And as such, some have usurped the cloak of the small man to their advantage, such as Bill O’Reilly and Alex Jones.  They claim they are the minority and are the ones being mistreated.  What this allows for is the anger they spew and the fear-mongering they spread like a disease.  When they label themselves as the outsider, they are allowed to be angry and upset at the imaginary giants that they are fighting.  They become the oppressed, and the oppressed are allowed to voice their opinions.  When this occurs, they have shifted the dynamic and to acknowledge reality would be to shift the dynamic back, and as such, they cannot live in facts.  Everyone is allowed to live in their own world, but when their voice is the voice that millions subscribe to, it becomes a dangerous message of perceived inequality.

I once read Yahoo comments, where casual commentors asked the Muslim community to prove themselves to ‘real’ Americans.  One man in particular, who identified himself as Muslim, went to great lengths to try to prove his loyalty, and all it got him was a comment saying it wasn’t enough.  There is no logic in the game of control and power, for that is where the real fight lies.  When you usurp the cause of the down-trodden and call for change when you don’t really own the cause, there is no end to the thirst for your kind of justice because your justice has always been skewed.  Those who subscribe to such views spouted by these two men are looking to gain power over those who they perceive have taken their power.  It doesn’t matter how much the other party is willing to give in, because it wasn’t a real fight to begin with.

Power and the greed for power and control can do viscous things to people.  And for those who are constantly accused of being the oppressor, the next best move is to set yourself up as an oppressed minority that is in search of the truth, but the truth never satisfies.  Having power means owning the ability to tell someone who is different than you to prove their loyalty and never accepting what they offer because you simply don’t believe them.  Power is muting the voices of those who march against you because you don’t believe in their cause.  Power is shutting down a movement because it does not affect you or the people you know.  For if you can’t win the oppressed, you may as well join them as the ones the oppressed oppress.  That’s a special kind of minority.

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