What makes someone charismatic?


After Prince passed away, comedian Donnell Rawlings told a story about meeting Prince and relaying that it felt as if Prince was drawing him in and he couldn’t look away because he was so beautiful.  One of Madonna’s friends said that Madonna had the ability to make anything look good.  She once threw away a shirt only for Madonna to take it and somehow made the shirt desirable again to the original owner by the way she wore it.  People who are charismatic have the ability to appear strong, desirable, and powerful without exerting any effort, but what makes them charismatic?  Most of these people were born this way and do not know any other way of being, for they simply are.

From a young age, they have always had a high sense of self-esteem and self-worth.  They valued who they were and it showed in how they spoke, how they carried themselves, what they wore, and how others viewed them.  When a person is charismatic, they believe they are the very best at who they can be, and exude this confidence.  When others see them, they are attracted to this insanely high level of confidence.  They may not even be as beautiful, intelligent, or fashionable as someone else, but the viewer attributes these things to them because of how confident they are.  Being charismatic means having solid belief in yourself.

These people know who they are and value themselves for it.  They will not accept less from themselves or others.  Unfortunately, most of them were born this way, and do not know how to relay this sense of importance on to others.  If someone was born charismatic, they will never be able to teach someone else to be charismatic because they didn’t learn how to.  At the core, being charismatic means loving yourself so much that you become confident in this fact to the point that others take notice.  To love yourself means to forgive your past mistakes, accept who you are, and to be your own best friend.  Ultimately, you have to be proud of who you are, your current decisions, and where you are going.  That is true charisma.

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