When the universe cheats you of your soul mate


A lot of people feel cheated because they didn’t end up with the one they thought they should be with. They end up jaded and feel as if they are owed something.  I can tell you many things such as you’re only hurting yourself or you’re not really opening yourself up to new opportunities, but I know this will not change your mind.  I can tell you that if you don’t change the way you think about being cheated, you will eventually find someone new.  Someone who will try hard to prove to you that they’re just as good as your ex, and you’ll dismiss them because you feel cheated that you didn’t get what you wanted.  They will try harder to make you love them and you’ll try harder to make them leave until they finally do leave you.  And then, you’ll realize what you did and try to win them back, but it’ll be too late.  I’ve seen this happen a million times and a million times it’ll happen again.  The one that got away is just a person.  You may have felt as if they were your soul mate, but they obviously didn’t see you as theirs.  When you continue to feel cheated, you cheat yourself out of a new relationship.  Instead, feel grateful for what you had and lost.  If you continue to feel like the universe owes you, you’ll always be hurt and that means that you let the shadow of someone from your past control your feelings.  Why give this imaginary figure the power of taking your happiness?  For that is all they all: an imaginary figure you’ve built into something  untouchable that no mere mortal can live up to anymore, not even your ex.

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