Is the veil oppressive to women?


I see pointed attacks in comments section sometimes that say the veil is an affront to women’s rights and that they should be removed.  Some would say they seem to be one step up from a burqa, and I do agree with parts of this sentiment.  If you take the religion and culture out of it, what is the underlying meaning of the hijab?  It is to promote modesty in women.  If you subject one sex to rules of decorum and not the other by having themselves cover themselves, it is a form of control.  Those who practice the religion certainly have  the right to wear or not wear it, but the idea in itself translates to taking away the power of beauty from women.  There is power in beauty and there are those who seek to control it.  I do agree with some commenters about this point, but not on the vocalization of telling them they need to take it off.  Although it is oppressive, it is their right to wear it due to their freedom to choose their religion.  There are plenty of other religions that subject women to conformity such as certain Mormon sects.  There are also many societal and cultural practices that are oppressive that I openly subscribe to such as wearing high heels that destroy my feet all for the sake of reaching an unattainable beauty.  I agree it is oppressive, but they also have the right to wear it and I do not have the right to say anything to them because I choose to drape myself in oppressive ideas and clothing.

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