Acknowledging Racism Doesn’t Make You A Racist

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Minorities accept that racism exits and we’re actually immune to it because we deal with it on a daily basis. Sometimes, we don’t even say anything because it’s just a part of our lives.  What pisses me off is not the actual racism that happened in this situation, but that there are people who deny that it was racist because they don’t want to be associated with racism because they may have to actually change their beliefs.  These are good people, but when they refuse to acknowledge a clear and cut situation as racist, they don’t have to acknowledge what minorities have to go through.  If they don’t have to acknowledge it, then no change needs to be enacted.  You don’t need to denounce racists.  You don’t need to march in marches.  You don’t need to believe what I believe.  All you need to do is admit that there are racist things that happen in the world.  When you do this, you may begin to see what we have to go through just to live.

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