Who is an old soul?


I’ve been reading articles about what exactly constitutes an old soul and found that most articles on the internet are reiterating the same thing with nothing particularly new.  I like some points such as all souls are old souls, but some have just experienced more, that these souls seem to understand more than others, and how they relate to the world around them.  Firstly, I must believe in the existence of a soul because I think we are more than just our body.  That’s just my belief.  Once I believe that, I have to consider the possibility of old souls.  For me, an old soul is and always will be an outsider.

As an outsider, they see everything with the eyes of a child because they can detach themselves from their present surroundings.  By present surroundings, I mean cultural practices, socially-accepted ideas, and what is perceived as normal.  To an outsider, normal is abnormal because there is no rule to them that it has to be that way.  Because of that, they are able to question long-held beliefs without judgement.  They see that time is set, but the rules we construct to govern ourselves are pliable because they have always changed.  To hold on to arcane beliefs just because those who came before us held onto them without question is absurd.  If we cannot question our world, we control nothing.

At the essence of an old soul is someone who is very sure of themselves.  They have always known who they were.  They may have changed different notions about themselves as they age, but they have always known exactly who they are and how significant their interactions are with those around them and the wider world.   At the same time, they are withdrawn from their peers but also extremely aware of how they affect them.  They have an almost clinical fascination with others because they are interested in how people act, but not particularly affected by them because they see the larger picture.  This may make others perceive them as cold, but they can be both caring and disinterested at the same time.

They knew things as children that most children don’t understand.  As they age, they can still hold on their childhood innocence because it is easy for them to perceive all ages at once.  They learn from other’s mistakes so they don’t have to go through them themselves.  They are always listening and taking things in, but can also drown the entire world out and seem very withdrawn.  They may not always understand societal rules and may refuse to conform who they are to the norm.  Those who are more enlightened old souls will understand some conformity is needed if they want to actually change the environment they live in.  These ones see what is and what could be and know how change can come about.  They also know what they have to do to bring change.

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