Looking for Patterns


We’re always looking for patterns. Sometimes, we make it out of nothing, and sometimes, we completely miss them all together.  Most of the time, we want to make sense of our lives and draw some meaning from it, so we try to make a pattern out of nothing.  We say it was meant to be or there is a reasoning behind a certain act.  This makes us feel like we can control our destinies and feel more secure in an unsecure world.  What we fail to do is make patterns of our ourselves.  We don’t see the pattern in history and continue to repeat mistakes and blame others for acts we did in the past.  We don’t recognize the patterns of those around us and how they affect everyone involved.

There is pattern to poverty.  It allows a segment of society to be scapegoated and loathed while an other is defined.  There is a pattern to political power.  It allows an elite few to gain power through fear-mongering and the persecution of some.  There is a pattern to religious power.  It allows groups to proclaim rights in the name of their gods without impunity.  There are simple patterns in how people avoid their problems, but we fail to recognize them over and over. Someone is crying out for help when they are drinking heavily and promiscuous if they were not in the past, but we only see their actions and not the root.

We fail to recognize these patterns because they give no immediate meaning to our lives.  They don’t uplift us in any way, so we do not care to look for these patterns even though it is through these patterns that we can predict outcomes and be able to read people better.  There are patterns every where.  If it is not an isolated case, and a problem arises with a pattern, a broad solution can be proposed to solve the issue.  Except we don’t solve these issues because we blame the individual instead of the pattern.  There will always be individuals who take advantage of the situation, but for the most part, the pattern is what should be blamed.  If we can realize the importance of this, we can stop dehumanizing our neighbors and help them instead.

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