Does God still answer prayers?


I don’t try to push any religion because people tend to use religion to gain earthly pleasures while thinking they are assured of heavenly ones in the process.  But let’s say you do believe in God and all he can do.  I grew up in the church and saw things in my youth that I could not agree with, so I became an atheist because of it.  Now, I have come to believe in God, but not the God of the bible. Growing up in the church, I heard all my life phrases such as ‘God never gives you more than you can handle,’ ‘God answers all prayers,’ and ‘God is all powerful.’  If God is all powerful, why does he let bad things happen?  And clearly, some people are given more than they can handle because I’ve known of persons who committed suicide.  Some people in the fold go so far as to put everything in God’s hands.

I recently saw a post on my Facebook feed where a girl I knew was crying out for help because she felt ashamed of her past and she didn’t know how to reconcile it.  A  lot of well-meaning people told her to turn to God for help.  Are you kidding me?  God is not supposed to help you with every single little thing.  In this particular situation, a therapist is going to help you, not turning to God.  And if you so choose to see it as such, God is the one who puts therapists on earth.  I find it ridiculous how much people rely on God when they definitely have avenues of help that do not involve divine intervention.  I also resent the phrase that God answers all prayers.  Does he?  Clearly not because a lot of people are dead, but that doesn’t mean tragedy should be excluded from our lives.  Tragedy is what tests us and makes us who we are.

You can choose to believe in God or you can choose not to.  You can choose to believe in his curative powers or you can choose not to, but you should not think every single decision rests in his hands.  You take the humanity out of the equation when you do so.  If you have no choice and no free will, what is the point of life?  And for the record, I believe Original Sin is a man-made tenet used to force people to believe that they are unclean from birth and thus need the healing powers of the church to free them.  There  is no free choice in this.  There are things we know and things we believe, but what is most important is what we know of man.  We don’t have to know of God to understand life.  We only need to understand man’s foibles and his reasons to use such ideas to further his life.  When you understand this, you can start to separate religion from church from dogma.

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