Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number


Anyone who’s kinda old(like me) remembers Aaliyah’s song Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number and her famously short-lived marriage to R. Kelly. So, does age matter in the realm of love?  You can definitely fall in love with anyone of any age, background, color, or whatever other signifiers you want to speak of, so in that sense, no, age does not matter concerning who you love.  However, the proponents of those who argue it are also implying that it doesn’t matter in a relationship, and that is flat-out wrong.  To set it straight, age does not matter where love is concerned, but it sure matters in a relationship.  In a relationship, your age, background, color, and whatever signifiers you want to speak of do matter because it is all these things that make you who you are.  Love itself can be colorblind, but you must be blind if you can’t acknowledge your differences in a relationship.  Age does matter because those who are young are still highly impressionable and have little to no understanding of their own needs let alone what the needs of a relationship entails.  Because they do not have the learned experience of someone older, it is much easier to manipulate these individuals if the other party is significantly older.  You can continue saying age doesn’t matter, but do not imply it relates to the relationship as well.

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