The Perks of the Introvert



Let’s start out with idea that it is definitely okay to be either an introvert or an extrovert.  If you are an extrovert, you will be able to function with society better because you enjoy the company of others.  If you’re in introvert, you may see this as a disadvantage towards you, and yeah, it is.  You’re always going to feel like an outsider.  Awkward.  Anxious. Thinking constantly about what others think about you.  But you’re also freaking awesome because of these very things.  If you can learn to embrace all these things that make you who you are, you will feel more comfortable with yourself and thus feel slightly better in social situations.  It’s always going to be different for us, but we’re the ones who say the most interesting things at parties once we get started.

The reason why we say the most interesting things is because we live in our minds. We prefer the company of…ourselves and while extroverts may be comfortable  with themselves, we really know ourselves and our imaginations.  We can create whole worlds in our minds that fascinate only us.  We are extremely aware of our interactions with others and how we affect them and they us.  Because of this, we can relate more to people on a higher, emotional level quicker than others.  We are able to create because that is all we do in our spare time to recharge.  When you are inclined to solitary moods, you gain insight into who you are and those around you.  You have the time to expound on what it is to be human and are able to understand people better than those who may not have the chance to stop and ponder these thoughts.

What I’ve learned is that it is okay to be strange and different.  If you are confident about it, people will admire you, for confidence is the only thing separating quirks from strangeness.  As you grow, you will gain confidence and be able to show others the worlds you created because as an introvert, we sometimes are so private that we rarely let others see into us.  Know that what you have to offer has never been seen before.  You are completely alien and foreign and you should be proud of it, but know this world needs the likes of you.  People who can question what is and what can be.  People who can dream of new inventions and ideas.  People who don’t care that their introvertness is showing.  It’s showing and it’s awesome.


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